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TRADAMIX TX1000® tablets is the first product that exploits the synergy of the active ingredients in three natural substances with an “anti-aging” effect on the tissues of the male genitourinary apparatus (saponins of Tribulus Terrestris; Chitosan Oligosaccharide water-soluble from Biovis; and the phlorotannins from Ecklonia Bicyclis algae).  The product promotes the welfare of the male urinary tract and corpora cavernosa [penile tissue].  Studies on the product reported no side effects.


100% Natural

The patented composition is made of three strategic, carefully balanced elements: Tribulus Terrestris, which both performs a hormone-like action and stimulates natural, endogenous production of androgens (male hormones); pure Ecklonia Bicyclis algae, which contains very high doses of Dieckol, Phlorofucofuroeckol and Bieckol – extremely strong polyphenols that act by inhibiting the anti-NO (nitric oxide) effects of free radicals; and Biovis, which containspolymers of Chitosan Oligosaccharide water-soluble at high concentrations, which favor the release of NO.

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Tradapharma patented formula

The patented composition of Tradamixina® consists of three strategic components carefully balanced: Ecklonia Bicyclis algae, Tribulus Terrestris, Biovis.
In different doses, with the addition of other specific natural components, Tradamixina® is contained in the following Tradapharma:

Tradamixina Tradaprost Tradamix Tradafertil

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